Practitioner Platform for Corporate and Societal Value Creation.

The value your company creates, and reduces, for society directly affects your earnings and your risk profile.

A New Vision of Value (KPMG, 2014)

A measurement-led approach to sustainability will be the cornerstone of all businesses in the future.

Ajay Kapur, CEO Ambuja Cements Ltd, India

“We have prepared the first IPL calculation for the Holcim Group. This provides a broad picture of where the Group needs to act to create even more value for all stakeholders”

Bernard Fontana, CEO Holcim

“NS shows courage by being transparent on the side effects of its activities. By publishing these effects in the annual report, NS provides a realistic image of profit and loss.”

Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands

About CSVC

CSVC-platform is a purpose led and not for profit initiative bringing together practitioners who have an interest in the measurement and connection of Corporate and Societal Value Creation (CSVC).

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